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a short film by JORGE PARRA JR.

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Windows tells the story of Miranda Williams and Julia Hansen, LAPD officers working their first shift together as partners. When their different approaches to policing clash and the tension between them grows, Williams sees an opportunity to teach Hansen about the values of compassion and respect for the community. As the two go about their day, they encounter a variety of community members, each with their own stories and lessons to teach.
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Meet the Team

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Director's Statement

“Déjame ver,” I recall telling my mother as a young boy, asking her to let me take a peek through the viewfinder of our family’s VHS camcorder. I was captivated by the filmmaking process, and I was desperate to get my hands on a camera. I would later spend a great part of my childhood gathering friends and family and directing them in every genre of film imaginable. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley just east of Los Angeles, movies were always on my mind. In fact, the numerous LA crime and action films I grew up watching eventually inspired me to pursue a career in law enforcement.
Prior to starting film school, I joined the Los Angeles Police Department and was assigned to Rampart Division. Working as a first responder in Los Angeles exposed me to some of the most tragic and horrific circumstances one can imagine, but it also showed me all the good that exists in the world, especially all the people willing to help others. Although the story for Windows is not based on any singular incident during my time with LAPD, it is inspired by my understanding of the diverse and complex tapestry of stories that make up Los Angeles. 
When I set out to make this film, it was extremely important to me that I capture the authentic look and feel of the LAPD. I wanted to portray a true-to-life depiction of everything from the radio broadcasts down to the uniform materials and shirt buttons I once wore on patrol. This was a labor of love dedicated not only to my peers at the LAPD, but to the citizens of Los Angeles who each have their own story worth telling. In many ways this film is a mixture of many sides of myself; my career, my heritage, and my city.
I chose to focus on two police officers, Miranda Williams and Julia Hansen, each with their own challenges and opposing philosophies on policing. The story draws on my experiences working with LAPD and the various ways its officers interact with the public (some easier to swallow than others.) Over the course of my time there, I came in contact with thousands of people, many of which were experiencing some of the worst days of their lives. These contacts were often brief and for most, the last time I would ever see them again. Because of this, I quickly learned that to judge anyone solely on such a small window of time does a disservice to us all, as we are all so much more than our worst days. 
I want to end by thanking the incredible cast and crew of Windows, and especially my producer, Meghan Truax. Without your collective hard work, this film would not have been possible. Windows was created as my second-year film for UCLA’s MFA directing program, and as such I would also like to thank the incredible faculty members that supported me along the way. It has been an honor to take these small steps toward my dream of working professionally in the film and television industry.

- Jorge Parra Jr.


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Contact Us

Writer | Director

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